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Pen and Ink Drawing and beyond     

Residence in rural New Zealand has been the inspiration for my pen and ink drawings, firstly of rustic farm buildings and rural activities, which evolved in to my capturing the ambience of country churches, old tractors, farm machinery, transport including old cars and steam trains. As well, I have bought to life a little of our history with Gold mining, marine subjects and researched historical drawings also being completed. Most of my original drawings are available as prints, framed in my own handmade recycled timber frames and are available for sale on this website

Although traveling around our beautiful country offers inspiration on every turn, I frequently find a Clients commission will often get me thinking on a new tangent which in turn can offer new subjects to pursue . Research on wine related subjects led me to experiment with  painting in red wine, a lot of trial and error but it has come together and I am quite pleased with the results, which in turn led to using coffee and beer as a medium  for another series of works. All great fun

I have been fortunate in that the popularity of my pen and ink drawings has attracted frequent requests for commissioned artworks of clients homes, vehicles, farms etc (many of these are shown on my commissions page) and today this is the main aspect of my 'artistic career' and has in turn lead to requests for Gouache water colour, pastel and even wine or coffee versions of my work. I find the changing of mediums helps generate the excitement of getting onto the next project.

It is always exciting to sell an original painting, and I am surprised I feel a sense of loss when one goes to a new home, I guess after putting so much of ones self into their creation it is understandable. Knowing that my work hangs on walls in many countries including NZ,  Australia, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Spain, UK, France and  Denmark  more than makes up for it.

My home based gallery and studio has a continually changing exhibition of works including Pastel paintings and various other artworks.

Studio and Gallery open Thursday to Saturday  at 480 Arapaepae Road South,  Ohau,  LEVIN.



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