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I have selected some of the many line drawings and paintings I have completed in recent times as examples representing the wide range of subjects I have been asked to draw/paint, each was finished in recycled timber with non reflective glass for protection. Most of the pen and inks were around the $195 mark, although larger sizes were a little extra. Paintings from $450 Usually I worked from supplied photos although some were from my own photos and historic references. Email me if you have something in mind you would like drawn.

BELOW. all works 700 x550mm or larger    
900 x 400mm Ink and wash

Above is my drawing of a long demolished family owned brewery from NZs West Coast beginning as a crude little illustration some 2 cm square on an old beer label. Many hours were spent researching online, through old newspapers and historical reference books resulting in enough pictorial and written information to assemble the elements in this form, right down to the type and name of the boat used to ferry the barrels to the pubs down river..
       Above. gouache painting

oil painting on to vintage car panel for hanging on office wall


Portrait using Red wine as paint medium for client in Perth, Australia
White pastel on black Commissioned painting in coffee of old barn
.2.4 metre acrylic painting recently finished for client 

Gouache painting of Scania stock truck

  Watercolour 1.2 metre acrylic on board   2.4 metre Abatross. acrylic painting cut out of marine ply for beach home decoration

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