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Each of these artworks is finished in one of my own handmade Rimu frames.  Many of these vehicles are scratched from black scraper board using a knife blade, this  reveals the white underneath so forming the picture, or others are rendered in ink, a genuine vintage  copper head gasket from the featured vehicle is hand polished and glued in  place, finally each is covered in protective glass so comes ready to hang....

Model T Fords- $195 Model A Fords -$195 Ford V8, 1932,34,35,36 -$195

Austins 8,10,12 & 20hp -$195 Fordson Tractors- $195 David Brown Tractors- $195

Currently unavailable due to lack of gaskets

BSAGoldflash,framed art. featuring genuine BSA copper head gasket, Rimu framed and under glass.530 x320mm. $125.

  Massey Ferguson Tractors-$195


Land Rover- Series 1,2 & 3, early 1600cc or later 2250cc .-$195ea



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