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                                                                            Girl in waterfall, 3 panels, framed under glass  1350 x 750cm...$850

  If painting and sculpture could be combined, I think painting in soft chalk pastels would be the medium that would combine both elements.
I find the blending of colours to obtain shadows and form, by rubbing and smudging with nothing but ones fingers a three dimensional and tactile experience . The painting of the human form seems to emphasis this even more than when painting other subjects, although by utilising the texture of the surface being painted on, a whole new range of effects can open up to suggest rough timber, rocks and the like.. This is a medium I find challenging yet so relaxing, and when a work is completed an immense feeling of satisfaction is experienced, especially if one has met ones own standards… as you can see, I feel quite passionate about this medium.

Each completed painting is framed  and protected under non reflective glass


Sunsoaking-680mm x 920mm $750. Entering water- 680mm x 920mm $750 Island girl- 620mm x 690mm     $450
Green eyes, 500mm x 600mm Pastel on board in White frame with glass...$350
sunny dreams 18 x 24 inches...SOLD Giovanni Sassoferrato'  praying Virgin Mary pastel on board. SOLD
. Crying Lady, 600mm square, rimu frame and glass...$295.
Coloured girl- 530 x640 mm SOLD  NFS  






                       Veiled Lady, pastel  on board 100x50cm..sold

  cupboard memories SOLD  
                                 Art Deco Beach Girl pastel on board 100 x 50cm...Sold cupboard memories 2- SOLD
'To Catch a flying Duck', in Rimu Frame.......850 x 420mm $400  

The Busker- Sold

  vintage doll at window- SOLD

Stag- 700 x 500 (in wood frame) $550  






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