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i seem to need a new page just for my paintings, these are in various mediums and I will keep updating


gouache painting of my vintage cars, As most of my paintings are commissioned pieces I wanted an example of my work on hand so painted a subject I was happy to have hanging around....

 Experiments with water colour in a finished size frame of 460 x 570mm..


700 x 580 Ink & Gouache-SOLD


With grain that suggested swirling clouds  my imagination saw an old scow sailing towards the indistinct horizon. The grain suggests different moods and light depending on the angle viewed from. Painted in lacquer with varnish over top     970mm x780mm Plywood panel with Rimu edge. $450.




The grain in this plywood panel suggested clouds, so I painted a vintage Tiger Moth flying over them. Others see desert dunes, some see a river winding below. 640 x 700mm...SOLD